Weekend Bag Program

The DC Food Project weekend bag program provides participating D.C. students access to healthy non-perishable food items over the weekend. These bags contain nutritious meals for two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners and two snacks and are discreetly packed in the students' backpacks each Friday afternoon or before a long school break, helping students be better prepared to learn the following week. 

Did you know that hungry kids can't learn? Not only does that have an adverse effect on their educational outcomes, but can make for a challenging classroom environment for our already overtaxed teachers. Weekend Backpack Programs provide the sense of security and support that students need to be successful in school.*

Local backpack food programs are one way to provide needed food to children who would otherwise not have adequate access to food during the weekends or school breaks.**

To learn more about how you can support Washington, DC students throughout the weekend or if you are interested in starting a weekend bag program at your school, CONTACT US TODAY!

Together we can build a stronger tomorrow for our children.

*Alanna Mallon, K-12 Strategic Lead Food For Free

**Hunger Free Colorado

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There are hungry kids in every community and schools are the best places to access those children. What happens outside of the school day and school week can have an impact on what happens in the classroom.
— Alanna Mallon-Founder, Cambridge Weekend Backpack Program